Humble Salts

What do you crave the most in a cigarette? The most optimal answer to this question is, of course, nicotine. It is the chemical that pushes you to smoke again and again. But not anymore! Nicotine Salts were made keeping this in mind, to help people quit smoking. They come in different flavors and have the nicotine strength to cope with the tolerance levels of different smokers. Humble Salts is well-known for their distinctive and delectable mixtures, which include Humble Creamy Crunch, Humble Unicorn Treats, Humble Smash Mouth, Humble Peach Pleasure, Humble Strawberry Waffle, and others. 

The Humble Collection offers a wealth of alternatives for Humble salt nic e-juices. Humble nicotine vape juices are typically available in two nicotine strengths: 18 mg and 30 mg. They have a strong throat punch and are loaded with high-quality tastes. Moreover, if you wish to try different flavors from industry-leading brands,  we stock high-quality e-juices from these brands. So hurry up and shop for your favorite vape juice. 

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