Limitless Mod Co x Flavor Forge Cyber Flask 6000 Puff Disposable


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FLAVOR StockPriceQuantity
Taste The Tempest Out of Stock $9.99
Pineapple Punchbowl Out of Stock $9.99
Mango Mania 12 $9.99
Mango Pineapple Oasis Out of Stock $9.99
Blueberry Lemondrop Out of Stock $9.99
Strawberry Nectarine Out of Stock $9.99
Strawberry Watermelon Out of Stock $9.99
Kiwi Berry Crush 7 $9.99
Juicy Mango Peach Out of Stock $9.99
Berrylicious Bananas Out of Stock $9.99
Frozen Lemon Breeze Out of Stock $9.99
Frozen Miami Mint Out of Stock $9.99
Frozen Kiwi Melon 28 $9.99
Frozen Watermelon Out of Stock $9.99
Frozen Fruit Slushie Out of Stock $9.99
Frozen Blue Razz Out of Stock $9.99
Cream Mango Creamsicle Out of Stock $9.99
Cream Strawberry Scoops Out of Stock $9.99
Cream Pineapple Whip Out of Stock $9.99
Cream Apple Cream Dream Out of Stock $9.99
Cream Dewberry Delight 30 $9.99
Gummy Grapeolicious Bites Out of Stock $9.99
Gummy Cherry Jellies Out of Stock $9.99
Gummy Strawberry Sensation Out of Stock $9.99
Gummy Orange Burst Treats Out of Stock $9.99
Gummy Pineapple Paradise Out of Stock $9.99
Gummy Gummylicious Apples 2 $9.99
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Introducing the incredible Limitless Mod Co x Flavor Forge Cyber Flask 6000 Puff Disposable – a vape like no other! This sleek and modern disposable vape not only looks amazing, but it also exceeds all expectations when it comes to performance. With a powerful battery that can provide approximately 6000 puffs and the latest type-c tech for charging, this device is truly top-notch.

But that’s not all – this vape also comes with a generous amount of e-juice, ensuring that every puff delivers a satisfying hit. With a nicotine concentration of 5% or 50 mg and the innovative Mesh H.D technology, you can expect nothing but the best vaping experience. Get ready to indulge in pure vaping bliss with this remarkable device!


* Mesh H.D
* 6000 Puffs
* 4 Flavor Series – 27 Flavors
* Nicotine: 5% Nic Salt

Package Content:

* 1x Limitless Mod Co x Flavor Forge Cyber Flask 6000 Puff Disposable

Additional information
Weight 0.14 lbs
Dimensions 1.0 × 2.2 × 4.2 in

Taste The Tempest, Pineapple Punchbowl, Mango Mania, Mango Pineapple Oasis, Blueberry Lemondrop, Strawberry Nectarine, Strawberry Watermelon, Kiwi Berry Crush, Juicy Mango Peach, Berrylicious Bananas, Frozen Lemon Breeze, Frozen Miami Mint, Frozen Kiwi Melon, Frozen Watermelon, Frozen Fruit Slushie, Frozen Blue Razz, Cream Mango Creamsicle, Cream Strawberry Scoops, Cream Pineapple Whip, Cream Apple Cream Dream, Cream Dewberry Delight, Gummy Grapeolicious Bites, Gummy Cherry Jellies, Gummy Strawberry Sensation, Gummy Orange Burst Treats, Gummy Pineapple Paradise, Gummy Gummylicious Apples

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