Digi Flavor x Geek Vape Lush 20,000 Puff Disposable


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The Digi Flavor x Geek Vape Lush 20,000 Puff Disposable features an 820mAh battery that can be charged using a USB-C cable. It uses Dual Mesh Coil & Dual Core Technology for rich flavor. This device offers two vaping modes: regular mode for 20,000 puffs and dynamic mode for 10,000 puffs.

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Banana Coconut Out of Stock $13.99
Berry Bomb Out of Stock $13.99
Blue Razz Ice Out of Stock $13.99
Blueberry Fab Out of Stock $13.99
Cool Mint Out of Stock $13.99
Green Desert 160 $13.99
Manion Twist Out of Stock $13.99
Miami Mint Out of Stock $13.99
Raspberry Zing Out of Stock $13.99
Sour Apple Jolly Rancher Out of Stock $13.99
Strawberry Fab Out of Stock $13.99
Strawberry Ice Out of Stock $13.99
Triple Berry Ice Out of Stock $13.99
Watermelon Ice Out of Stock $13.99
White Fusion Out of Stock $13.99
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Introducing the revolutionary Digi Flavor x Geek Vape Lush 20,000 Puff Disposable, a true game-changer in the vaping world. Say goodbye to worries about battery life with its powerful 820mAh battery, ensuring long-lasting vaping sessions. Recharging is a breeze with the convenient USB-C charging cable. Prepare for an explosion of flavors with the cutting-edge Innovative Dual Mesh Coil & Dual Core Technology. Each puff is bursting with intense flavor, elevating your vaping experience to a whole new level. Not only does the Digi Flavor x Geek Vape Lush 20,000 by Digi Flavor deliver exceptional performance, but it also offers versatility with two vaping modes. Opt for the regular mode for an impressive 20,000 puffs or switch to the dynamic mode for a satisfying 10,000 puffs. The choice is yours!

With a generous 18ml prefilled vape juice capacity and a nicotine strength of 5% (50mg), you’ll have plenty of vaping pleasure to enjoy. Keep track of your battery, power, and vape juice levels easily with the mega screen, ensuring you’re always in control. Safety comes first with the Digi Flavor x Geek Vape Lush 20,000 Puff Disposable, featuring a 6s Flavor Guardian for added protection against over-inhalation. Enjoy your vaping sessions with peace of mind. Not only does this device perform exceptionally well, but it also boasts stunning Cyberpunk-Inspired Aesthetics. Its sleek and futuristic design is sure to make a statement wherever you go.


  • Innovative Dual Mesh Coil & Dual Core Technology
  • Puff Count: Regular mode : 20,000 | Dynamic mode for 10,000 puffs
  • 5% Nicotine Strength
  • 820mAh battery
  • Mega Screen Display
  • Exquisite Flavors with Durable Aroma
  • Cyberpunk-Inspired Aesthetics
  • 6-Second Flavor Guardian

Package Content:

  • 1x Digi Flavor x Geek Vape Lush 20,000 Puff Disposable
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Banana Coconut, Berry Bomb, Blue Razz Ice, Blueberry Fab, Cool Mint, Green Desert, Manion Twist, Miami Mint, Raspberry Zing, Sour Apple Jolly Rancher, Strawberry Fab, Strawberry Ice, Triple Berry Ice, Watermelon Ice, White Fusion

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